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Somatic Masturbation Session for MEN

A powerful body-centric approach to self-pleasure for men

  • 45 minutes
  • 250 Australian dollars
  • Online Service

Service Description

When I designed Rate Your Rooster it was in answer to a common concern – lack of epic pleasure! Men and women are undeniably different in so many ways. Teaching men how to better use their cock, in conjunction with their female counterpart, to create more pleasure seemed like a great way to kick off the change we needed to see when it came to sex. But, what I learnt, is that it was much deeper for men. It wasn’t just the education around pleasure that was lacking in our society, it was a lack of education around how the penis actually works in general. And that there was a lot of shame around this. I discovered that men were experiencing bedroom pitfalls like Erectile Dysfunction, an inability to get hard and / or stay hard during sex. They were also struggling to last during penetration. And these things were causing many men emotional stress, anxiety, fear even! So… here is my answer to that. Somatic Masturbation. Which pretty much means we are levelling up and creating a powerful body-centric approach to self-pleasure with the goal being to help you slow down, engage more with the mind to body to cock connection and building stamina through conscious touch and masturbation rituals including edging techniques. Somatic therapy incorporates body-oriented modalities such as breathwork, touch and meditation. I want to be your personal self-pleasure coach. I want to walk you through this process so you can learn how to gain back control of your pleasure! Imagine this: - Ejaculation control - Emotional awareness - Increased intimacy with self and partners - Upgrading the nervous system - Increased sensation - Boundary setting And here is what I am offering to you. A 45 minute, face to face, zoom call where I will walk you through a somatic masturbation session with the aim of slowing things down, connecting the mind to body to cock, breathing through your pleasure centre and guiding you to stay in your energy throughout it all. What will the session involve? The call will begin with a discussion around the experience and what you want to get from it. It will also touch on consent, as this is an intimate and visual experience. We will then go through the somatic masturbation session which involves breathing and edging techniques as well as pleasure techniques. The session will finish with the opportunity to unpack the practice. *This service can also be offered in person - please send an email to to discuss options*

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your session within 24 hours, we do not offer refunds, but will reschedule your session when possible.

Contact Details

Brisbane, QLD , AUS

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