Tantric Massage for WOMEN

Full body Tantric Massage for women (from a masculine perspective)

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 499 Australian dollars
  • TBA

Service Description

Tantric body and Yoni (pussy) massage is a traditional ceremonial practice that honours the feminine; body, mind and pussy. Learning how to activate your pleasure centre, stimulate sexual energy and circulate it around the entire body, is a very powerful experience. This service is offered by Pablo, who has a background in energy massage, Mayan healing and massage. It is designed to awaken and energise your feminine sexuality, and your erotic being. To activate your pleasure centres in a whole new way and also ground you while giving an opportunity to surrender to the process of receiving touch and energy with no expectation or pressure to perform. This tantric massage is a full body experience involving touch, breath, movement and sensory experiences in a safe, consensual and erotic environment. Your session will begin with a discussion around boundaries and consent, followed by a tantric grounding / connecting experience. You will then be given a full body massage designed to be relaxing, opening, enticing & educating – as education is in itself, a form of seduction. Erotic strokes will be combined with bodywork and breathwork, varying sensations and energetic exchanges through a range of techniques and may culminate with a tantric yoni massage. *Please note: these sessions are designed with a purpose to reconnect you to your body and pleasure centres and allow you to experience pleasure activation in a slowed down, no pressure environment.* Email itslahneeland@gmail.com with any questions and to discuss if this service is suited to you before booking. Also note that bookings for this service must be made at least 1 week in advance.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your session within 24 hours, we do not offer refunds, but will reschedule your session when possible.

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Brisbane, QLD , AUS