Tantric Massage for COUPLES

Full body couples Tantric Massage experience

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 990 Australian dollars
  • TBA

Service Description

Did you know that the word Tantra means weaving, or a continuous process; the carrying out of a ceremony. So, when we look at tantra in a “Sexual” sense, I like to describe it as a spiritual, connective practice that embodies sexuality in a ceremonious way. An ongoing process of consciousness, energy, the elimination of duality between body and mind and instead, the power of them becoming one within the practice. Erotic massage is considered a tantric ritual in itself. And to experience this ritual with your partner by your side, is incredibly powerful. Tantric massage is designed to awaken and energise your sexuality, and your erotic being. To activate your pleasure centres in a whole new way. It allows you to receive, stay focused on the present, go deeper into your body, ask for what you want, practice consent, surrender and raise your sexual energy. This service is designed for couples to enjoy the benefits of a tantric massage side by side in an environment that provides safety, consent-based practices and an energetic exchange between couple and practitioners. The massage experience will include: - Consent based discussions - Connection based techniques for the couple - Full body massages for each partner that can involve erotic strokes, sensory play, oils and candle wax, tapping, squeezing and light whipping or vibrational sensations across the body. - Breath work and sensation play - Yoni and lingam massages - Aftercare that brings the couple back together and provides them space to reconnect. *Please note: these sessions are designed with a purpose to reconnect you to your body and pleasure centres and allow you to experience pleasure activation in a slowed down, no pressure environment while also having your partner involved in their own beautiful healing space. The service is performed by Lahnee and her husband Pablo* Email itslahneeland@gmail.com with any questions and to discuss if this service is suited to you before booking. Also note that bookings for this service must be made at least 1 week in advance.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your session within 24 hours, we do not offer refunds, but will reschedule your session when possible.

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