Get LOVED Yoni Massage & Trauma Release


  • 2 hours
  • 350 Australian dollars
  • TBA

Service Description

GET LOVED will be an empowering, somatic experience that can help you connect into your body, your mind, release stagnant energy, boost libido, experience juicy pleasure and develop a deep, loving connection with your pussy again. I want you to tap into your life blood, your sexual energy and release the shame. Reconnect to your sensuality, your feminine energy, your pleasure centre and fall in love with your whole body again! What does it involve? GET LOVED is a 2 hour intensive one-on-one session for women who want to feel WHOLE again. During the course of the session, we will be working with the entire body, taking you on a personal and unique journey of discovery, awareness and expansion as well as a new, divine sense of pleasure. Each client's journey will be slightly different depending on what they need. In general, some of the things we will explore include: o Coaching and discussions, consent and boundaries (as it is an intimate session) o Eye gazing + Yoni gazing o Sensual movement & erotic energy work including a de-robe ritual o Sage smudging and crystal chakra cleansing o Full body tantric massage, breath work and body work o Energising pelvic and abdominal massage. o Gentle, consent based external and internal yoni massage including de armouring techniques o Homework… or play. This journey will help you with emotional healing, releasing pelvic tension, yoni love, increased sensation and teach you about pleasure zones. Are you ready to be whole again?

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your session within 24 hours, we do not offer refunds, but will reschedule your session when possible.

Contact Details

Brisbane, QLD , AUS