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Reclaim your SHAKTI Power!

A 6 hour Embodiment Workshop for Women
with Lahnee & Rhiannon
June 4 - Sunshine Coast QLD 




We all have the ability to be whoever we want to be. The problem is we let our fears hold us back. We adapt too easily to misery; to empty friendships, to external validation from strangers, to fake connections & fake lives, to relationships devoid of passion and excitement.

We get addicted to bad patterns of behaviour for the same reasons we get addicted to anything else – we are seeking to connect to something other than our self, fight off despair, fill a void.

But this is no way to LIVE!

It is time to learn that YOU are perfectly enough just as you are. And then once you learn that, you can work at being even better versions of yourself and doing so from a place of love, not fear.

If you feel blocked, stagnant, restricted, suppressed, lethargic, un motivated… then you need to Reclaim your SHAKTI Power!

And Goddess, we are here to help you do just that!

Two Self Love Bad asses Lahnee and Rhi have joined forces to bring you a workshop like no other.

Together, they help take you on a journey to rediscover WHO you are at your core.

Rhiannon has been in the self-help industry for 10 years helping women discover their authentic self. Using modalities such as NLP (neuro linguistic programming), Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy, she will guide you through releasing the blockages, resetting the internal dialogue, shedding those limiting believes holding you back and facilitate the immergence of YOU as your divine self.

Lahnee has made a name for herself as the go-to-woman for a modern approach to sexuality & well-being. Her relatable, and no bullshit approach to coaching & counselling will guide you out of your comfort zone and ask you to question your boundaries, fears, blockages and desires so you can make some magic and live a more nourished, ‘turned-on’life. Lahnee’s methods combine approaches in Sexology, Psychology, PCT Counselling and Tantra to bring you science based, yet holistic practices designed to EMPOWER & ELEVATE through sexuality.


This workshop will be the FIRST of many and to kick off, what better place to host it then the stunning Sunshine Coast QLD. 

Here is a taste of what you can expect.

Part 1: Release & Reset!

  • Sister Circle – time to share our unique journeys so far!

  • Release emotional blockages through specific activities

  • Learn to understand our patterns and WHY we do what we do so we can reprogram a better you!

  • Hypnosis journey


Lunch break Queens!!!!


Part 2: Re-ignite & Bloom!

  • Release sexual blockages fall back in love with your body!

  • Re-invigorate your erotic relationship with yourself and unlock your orgasmic potential

  • Learn how to connect to your sexual energy and lifeforce

  • Release shame around sexuality and pleasure (yes we will be doing pussy work here!)

  • Build confidence, self-esteem + self-worth to have more soulful connections

  • Pussy love and Self Pleasure – reconnect to your feminine energy and reclaim your inner goddess

Taking Expressions of Interest NOW!

Register below for more information & Early Bird discounts. 


YES!!! I want to Reclaim my SHAKTI Power!

Thanks for your interest! We will be in touch soon.

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