What do you think about when you envision your sexual energy?


What does it feel like to you?


For me, it’s like a wave of butterflies swirling around my body, tickling my skin. It is a pulsing in my groin, an excitement that shimmies up through my bones and I can feel it in my veins. It feels like surrender and power all at once. For me, sexual energy isn’t just about sex. It is about fuelling my passions and desires in life. Sexual energy has become my life blood! It is manifesting energy – the kind that attracts an abundance! Its health, its vitality, creativity, passion, money & its fucking epic.


So, it makes sense that sexual self-care should be a huge part of your self-love routine, right?


Because a healthy relationship with your sexuality helps to bring back equilibrium in your life, that beautiful balance where things feel more than just right, they feel deliciously good. And we all want that!


Stress, anxiety, tension, fatigue, resistance, that “can’t be fucked” mentality is all linked to your sexual wellbeing! Did you know that? Something else you might not realise is that as women, we hold all of our trauma in our pussy. So much stagnant energy is held in our pussy and unless we actively release it, that trauma will keep on building up and you will start to see it affect not only your sex drive and libido, but other areas of your life too.


This is where self-pleasure comes in. Self-loving and masturbation. The epic solo fuck. This is why I want you to GO LOVE YOURSELF.


Because self-pleasure opens up your body, your pussy and your mind to receiving more. To feeling more. To loving more.


Give me more you say?


OH yes.


As a follow up to my GO LOVE YOURSELF 7-day self-pleasure download, I want to offer you the opportunity to go deeper. So much deeper.


I want you to GET LOVED.


  • Learn how to unlock and EMBRACE your erotic energy to bring forth more passion, creativity and flow.
  • NOURISH your libido and have epic Sex with yourself and your partners!
  • Deeply CONNECT with your body and your pleasure.
  • REDISCOVER the FUN in pleasure & masturbation.
  • Find your pussy POWER
  • Increase sexual responsiveness and sexual CONFIDENCE
  • RELEASE trauma and stagnant energy
  • LEARN new, juicy ways to self-pleasure

And much more…


My work is grounded in years of study and research, but my coaching style is uber modern and very relatable. I have become the go-to woman when it comes to helping people step out of their comfort zones and push boundaries to make magic.


My motivation is to help people connect the dots between emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, physical, and of course, sexual well-being, so they can live a more ‘turned-on’ life and break the shackles of what’s considered “normal”.


And here is my latest offering to you.




The sequel to Go Love Yourself.


An intimate, one-on-one session created to take you on a personal journey of rediscovery.


GET LOVED will be an empowering embodied experience that can help you connect into your body, your mind, release stagnant energy, boost libido and develop a deep, loving connection with your pussy again.


I want you to tap into your life blood, your sexual energy and release the shame. Reconnect to your sensuality, your feminine energy, your pleasure centre and fall in love with your whole body again!


What does it involve?


GET LOVED is a 3-hour intensive one-on-one session for women who want to feel WHOLE again.


During the course of the session, we will be working with the entire body, taking you on a personal and unique journey of discovery, awareness and expansion.


We will explore:

  • Coaching and discussions
  • Yoni egg meditation
  • Yoni gazing
  • Sensual movement & erotic energy work
  • Whole body massage and body work
  • Energising pelvic and abdominal massage.
  • Gentle, consent based external and internal yoni massage including de armouring
  • Homework… or play.


This journey will help you with emotional healing, releasing pelvic tension, yoni love, increased sensation and teach you about pleasure zones.


Are you ready to be whole again?