We all have the ability to be whoever the fuck we want to be. The problem is we let our fears hold us back. We adapt too easily to misery; to empty friendships, to unloving, relationships, disconnecting from ourselves.


We get addicted to bad patterns of behaviour for the same reasons we get addicted to anything else – we are seeking to connect to something other than our self, fight off despair, fill a void.


We get this idea in our head that “if I could just do/have/be XYZ then everything will be better”. We, as humans, have this reoccurring sense that something is missing. A feeling in our guts that we need more than what we have.


Ladies, it’s not the case! It is time to learn that YOU are perfectly enough just as you are. And then once you learn that, you can work at being even better versions of yourself and doing so from a place of love, not fear.


Which is why I’m so glad you’re here. Because seeking help to “unfuck” yourself, as Russel Brand so aptly says, is one of the biggest foundations for actually making change.


My RECONNECT program is a guided pathway designed to release the build-up of emotional baggage spanning years. It is the self-care & sexuality education we all need in life.


BUT. This is not for the faint of heart. This will be an in-depth, no filters, push you out of your comfort zone kind of immersion. I will work closely with you over 30 days to break down walls, relinquish triggers and fears and clear the path for healing. This is the “walk through hell” phase of rebuilding and we all gotta take that walk before we emerge a goddess.


RECONNECT was designed to help you do just that! To reconnect to your identity, your sexuality, your physical essence, your spirituality, your social circle – to reconnect to the real YOU.


And here is what you will get from me:

*An Initial Consultation call designed to help you understand your current relationship with yourself, your triggers, fears and blockages and how to release them.


*Weekly calls to unpack the activities of the week.


*A check in call at the end of the program to unpack the bullshit we uncovered.


*Daily online support throughout the 4 weeks via instagram or email.


*Guided embodiment practices designed to create a deep, conscious interaction with yourself and others.


*Written and video material filled with ways to help you understand how to connect the dots between emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, physical, and sexual well-being, so you can live a more ‘turned-on’ life. This includes access to my SELF CARE TOOLKIT. 


*Learn to go deeper into your body, mind and spirit through breath work, meditation, and erotic movement.


*Powerful guided meditations & recordings that will teach you how to harness your sexuality as a tool to ignite your body’s goddess energy and step up the level of communication in your relationship with yourself and / or partners.


*Explore your fears, fantasies, limitations and desires in a safe environment.


*De-stress techniques to bring you back to centre and reconnect to your true self.


*Be led through chakra cleansing processes and emotional clearing techniques.


*PLUS so many other personalised tools and guidance designed to help you break the walls down and heal.


Topics we will cover:

  • Triggers, Fears & Anxiety
  • Releasing Past Traumas
  • Chakra Alignment & Spiritual Well-Being
  • Self-Esteem & Body Image
  • Healthy Everyday Practices
  • Sexuality & Body Confidence
  • Fears & Desires
  • Self-Pleasure Tutorials & Rituals
  • Yoni Love & Understanding
  • Build your Self Care Tool Kit
  • And much more...


If you feel the calling, if you want to stop making excuses, stop feeling like crap, if you want to change your pattern of behaviour and end the fucked-up cycle, if you want to rebuild the life you want and deserve, if you want to tap into your divine feminine energy, if you want to embrace your bad ass self… let’s do it!


So ask yourself, are you ready to RECCONECT and change your life?