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Yoni Massage - Heal, Feel and Grow

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Hi Lovers,

Today I want to share something with you…

Something that holds incredible power for transformation.

Something that is capable of unleashing deep, ecstatic, female orgasms.

Something that helps couples in connecting deeper and deeper with each other.

I’m talking about Yoni Massage.

So some of you wont know this but Yoni is a Sanskrit word and refers to a woman’s vagina.

So yep, I am talking about a vaginal massage! But with a twist. That twist is that this massage practice is not intended to work only on the physical body, but deeply touches the emotional and energetic bodies of the practitioners.

That makes Yoni Massage a practice for healing, pleasure and awakening consciousness.

(And by the way, a Yoni Massage can also be practiced by yourself, without a partner!)

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I know you’re open minded and curious about sexuality.

AND.... because I'm about to take part in an awesome course from B-Educated with the beautiful Mariah Freya and I want you to do it with me!!!

Here is a little snippet that you can try tonight and see what you think.....

Art by The Vulva Gallery


Awakening the senses

Start with a small meditation together. Look into each others eyes, or into your own eyes in the mirror. Try to see beyond the mask of daily life. When you feel the connection, its time for the massage to begin.

Lay down in a space you've created that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Surrender to the the moment and close your eyes.

As the giver, know that your arms are the extension of your heart; stay connected with your heart and breathe. Try to check now and then to keep in touch with the receiver’s heart and breath.

Start slowly, awakening the senses. Remember the skin is our biggest sensory organ and wants to be touched, massaged, caressed etc...

Use feathers, fur, silk, your fingertips, your palms and your nails to produce different sensations. Play with intensity, sometimes softer but also sometimes stronger. You can also use aroma therapy to stimulate the olfactory organs too.

Abundance of Oil and Massage

Once the senses are awakened you can start with some more tension releasing massage. In this part you can incorporate Shiatsu, Thai massage, etc. whatever you know works best for relaxation. Use lots of beautiful oils here too.,

Now you are relaxed, begin with a sensual breast massage to open up more pleasure and relaxation. You can work with your thumb around the breast moving towards the nipples, massaging any knots out. You can make a never-ending movement around both breasts with one hand. Or you can squeeze the breast towards the nipple with both hands. Just be creative and watch for the receiver’s feedback.

Heart-Yoni Connection

The breast massage is a great knock-knock on the temple gate, because the vagina is strongly connected with the breasts.

Once you feel the receiver is ready, work your way down the belly around the hips and inner thighs. Many women are very stiff around the pubic bone. So try to soften her up until it’s literally a ‘jelly belly’.

Before you touch her vagina, ask if you are allowed to. Then make a cap-form with your left hand and let it close the entrance of the vagina. You can push slightly to increase the pressure. Place your right hand on the receiver’s heart. Imagine you are bringing the Heart and the Yoni together. Always remember that your arms and hands are the extension of your heart; let them act in the name of your heart.

Breathe together.

From here you can start going into a full-on Yoni Massage, or gently fade into a nice love-making session.......

Mmmm sounds divine already and I cant wait to learn more about how to give and receive these incredibly healing massages.

B-Educated will be giving anyone who wants to join me on this journey a very special discounted price too so let me know if you want to learn more and learn together too!

As an added bonus, I will be offering videos and instructional demos throughout the course for those who choose to join me....

You can sign up with a very special discount offer here or if you have more questions, let me know!

Until then,


The Erotic Coaches

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