Haters gonna hate!

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Within a day of putting this site up we had at least three people close to us form opinions on what it was, why we were doing it, and whether or not it was appropriate.

I got mad. I got upset. I got frustrated. And I questioned myself.

Thankfully Pablo isn’t as emotionally driven as I am (god help us if he was!) so with some support from him I got over it and got back to feeling empowered by the choices I make. Because that is all that really matters. What I think.

But it did spark some feelings and got me thinking about the fear we have when it comes to what others think about us. We are so scared to express our true selves and I think that comes from caring too much about the consequences, the backlash, the whispers, the scoldings, the weird looks, the bitching, the gossip, the fucking haters.

Sexual exploration is a prime subject to get people up on their high horses. Everyone has sex, in some way or other, but no one really talks about it. Society put a lid on that one. Hell our insta page has ALREADY been taken down because it was too explicit (insert eye roll here). But what this tells me, the talking, the questions, the fear… is that we are on the right track. Our platform is needed more than ever because people are so restricted and repressed that they need to see some crazy guinea pigs out there expressing themselves. I just hope that it will encourage others to step out of their cozy little boxes and do the same.

So let’s take a deep breath, let it out, and loosen up a little.

Dealing with peoples opinions is not easy. Especially the opinions of friends and family members. The moment you do something “different” or talk about things society has deemed inappropriate, you become the victim of gossip. It is inevitable. But I ask you this. Do you think the greats cared about what others thought? Do you think they stopped doing what they loved, stopped expressing themselves because someone else challenged their beliefs? Don’t be put off by the opinions of others. Be inspired by your own truth and your own reality because that’s when great things happen. Let’s talk more about how to cope with opinions.