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Does this image offend you?

Does this image offend you?

Because images just like it seem to be offending people all over the place!

In fact, Honey Birdette has been splattered across the news yet again because its advertising is “too sexy” “confronting” “offensive” “objectifying women” “distasteful” “degrading” “demeaning”.


Is it not 2018? Did we not just legalise same sex marriage? Are we not feeling empowered by sexuality yet?

When will we all decide to jump on into the century we live in and stop getting so offended by everything?

You know what I see when I look at a lingerie campaign? I see beauty, confidence, power, strength, poise – because that’s exactly how wearing lingerie makes me feel. It makes me feel like a fucking goddess!

So why then to do some people feel the opposite? Why do some people feel so strongly that these campaigns are sexually exploitative to women?

As far as I’m concerned, it all comes down to self-acceptance and self-awareness.

The more at home you are in your own body and mind, the more at ease you are with seeing others who are confident in theirs. The less you judge the things you see in them that you don’t yet see in yourself. My suggestion is to go and try on some of the lingerie instead! Have some fun with it, see it for what it is – lingerie by women, for women! Learn to love the way it makes you feel as a woman.

Get empowered by it!

And now for my next point… the ridiculous notion that certain lingerie campaigns are unsafe and damaging for kids. I am a mum with two kids, a boy and a girl and guess what, my daughter helps me shop for my lingerie, she loves it! And you know what she says when we play dress ups in the change-room? “You look so beautiful mummy.”


Because kids don’t see things like this in a sexual manner. They don’t even understand the concept of that yet. So, if they are seeing it like that, its because of you mums and dads for putting it in their beautiful, innocent little brains.

Secondly, it is not “grooming young boys for an appetite of porn”. Young boys are going to get those sexual urges either way when they hit puberty and once again, as parents, it is our job to explain what that means in a safe and sex positive way!

Imagine if we took these opportunities to actually teach our kids about respect and self-empowerment and said “wow, don’t those women look beautiful? Look how confident and strong they are!” instead of getting our nickers in a knot about how “sexy” they are.

Teach your kids to love and respect themselves and others and they will. Let’s encourage young people to understand and appreciate their bodies. Teach them to feel connected to their inner self and their physical body, then no matter what, they will know their worth! And how fucking important is that!

So, I ask again, does this image offend you?

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