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  • Pablo

Communicate or detonate!

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

I’m the husband of the most amazing woman. She is FIRE and ICE. No other way to describe her. She will love you as passionately as Shakespeare’s Juliet but she could also cut your head off like a Mexican Cartel Boss Lady!

We met 12 years ago and have been together ever since. We have grown together so much in that time that we feel like we are one of a kind. We have created the perfect relationship for us and we are couple that can do it all.

It hasn’t been easy. But it has been possible because we have evolved and the area that evolved the most was our communication. We have made a conscious effort to deepen our feelings and thoughts over the years by improving our communication.

And the key to communication is telling the truth, being open-minded, not being afraid to be criticised or questioned, but also no matter what, being constructive and supportive to your other half.

How? Turn off your ego.

I found that the ability to turn off my ego and pride was a huge part of being able to let things develop naturally and beautifully around me. It’s the way I was open up and communicate more effectively. When you are able to see others beyond their surface feelings, and when you can see past your own ego, I think you can get past all the bullshit your mind creates in your head. Because this bullshit isn’t reality. It’s based on fear and insecurities. Talking more, guiding, teaching, showing – this allows you to move past these thoughts, conflicts and communicate in new ways that allow for growth.

I believe that love and passion is stronger than fear and hate. That’s not to say you won’t have bad days and bad thoughts, you can’t develop without hardship and sacrifice. But, the key is to remember you are going to be a different person every day. I learn and grow every day as an individual, a husband, a father. Every experience shapes me to get better at what I do and how I feel about myself and others. Learning to recognise the ego and let it go takes time, hardship and sacrifice. It means admitting your wrong, backing down, telling your pride to fuck off. Because what good does pride do you anyway when it comes to your loved ones?

Being stubborn for the sake of winning an argument about something you won’t even care about in an hour is just stupid. Communicate…diffuse…show compassion…support. That is the way to grow.

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