Bro Code Vs Hoe Code

WARNING: senseless rant ahead!

I'll admit I have a little axe to grind. And while this particular blog post might not make a hell of a lot of sense to some, and it doesn’t really have a lot of depth to it, I’m still hoping at least a few of you ladies out there will be like “fuck, yeah that’s right… I know what she means!”

Ok, so it has always baffled me that while women are generally quite happy to engage in a little flirting with a man irrelevant of his marital status, whether he’s attached, who he’s with etc, and yet men appear to be way more cautious. You would think it would be the other way around, right?

But alas, it seems the bro code always comes out on top.

Now I’m certainly not saying this is a bad thing – in fact it’s kind of nice that men feel as though a flirt fest with a married lady is a no-go zone….


Married ladies like to flirt too!!!!

There I said it.

Women are no different to men when it comes to enjoying a little playful banter. Women want to feel appreciated, sexy, like they are wanted, and not just by their significant other. Its nice to have people want to flirt a little with you. It’s nice to let your guard down with a friend or a stranger and have a naughty tête-à-tête. Plus, flirting alone is harmless. If there is one thing I learnt from spending 12.5 years in a relationship with a Latino man, it’s that a little flirting is actually good for the soul.

My “axe” is that when a man knows you are married or attached, he becomes almost scared to even approach you without your manly half present! Its like an amour comes up and the “friend zoning” takes on a whole new level.

Ladies however, irrelevant of their status or the man’s, will enjoy a little flirt if the moment comes calling. And why the hell not! Are we not entitled to this too?

Now on to my next gripe with this….

As a married woman who enjoys a little alternate pleasure in life alongside her flirtatious hubby, can you imagine how fucking difficult it is to initiate ANY kind of seductiveness with a man who already knows I have a husband? Its almost like my veins are pumping poison when it comes to those conversations!

You mention your “extracurricular” activities to female friends and they are all like “hell yeah!” they want to know more, see more, do more! The idea of some excitement comes easily and is expressed even easier! You mention it to male friends and even the subtlest hint will send them running for the hills with their tail between their legs…. Fucking bro code!

Let me give you another example here. My darling husband and our hot Latino friend were engaging in a little flirt fest with a cute blonde at the gym reception the other day who was clearly enjoying the attention and flirting back. Comments were made about a Latino sandwich….

Now what I want to know is - where is my fucking Latino sandwich?

Even the mention of it when it includes your friends "wifey" makes everyone awkward!

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that either I’m just really not that exciting to look at, and boring as a fucking sponge cake, or this bro code thing is outa this world “tight”.

I say we all take a little leaflet out of the hoe code instead…..all in and all for fun!

Rant over!