A letter from my King

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Life isn't always easy. It is no walk in the park. And when you choose to open yourself up to a new way of living, loving and experiencing sex, shit gets messy at times.


One day hubby and I found ourselves in a heated discussion that turned quite nasty. And then he did something, the one thing I didn’t realise I really NEEDED him to do.  

He didn’t say sorry. He didn’t have to, he hadn’t actually done anything wrong. Instead, he stopped me in my tracks and made me understand his point of view.

He he wrote me a letter.


"A letter to my Queen,

There is no Queen without a King.

There is no conquest without a challenge.

There is no us without you. I only exist in this world because we have created it.

We have decided to open up and live and love to the max. 

I only exist because I can express myself this way and be with you and others on the same wave.

I only manifest my emotions and embrace my flirty ways because you've allowed me to.

I only embrace the fun and love we created with others because it is fun and positive for us.

The thing is, I only exist because YOU exist. I can be confident "conscious" determined and free. But only if you let me be. Only if you are with me on the same wave catching the same water or fire.

There is no me, passionate, perfect, crazy free man without you my Queen .

Without you I can't be a King.

So, don't think because I'm a "free man "a conscious man" I think differently to you. 

I can only show you so much of what I know and see. Learn to understand me better and embrace my craziness just like I love to embrace yours.

I cannot be me without you. Please come back.

Love always Your King"


Saying sorry isn't always the way to go. After an argument, or a heated discussion, sorry doesn't always ease the tension. Dig deeper then that. The more you understand your partner, the better you will be able to calm them and bring them back to earth. 

Relationships are hard work. Anything worth doing is. And it doesn't matter to what extent you embrace your sexuality, or to what extent you allow freedom in your relationship, shit gets hard either way. The key though, is ALWAYS communication. If you know each other, you can get through to each other no matter what.

Opening up and exploring your intimacy is a pretty good way to ensure your communication is on point. Because sex and a deepened connection doesn't happen without it. Work on one, you work on the other.